Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning
tile and grout cleaning
tile and grout cleaning

SaniCare’s high-pressure, hot water unit, called “The Turbo” delivers seven gallons of water per minute at 800-1500 PSI (pressure per square inch). Indoor high pressure cleaning of tile and grout is the newest, most effective method to clean hard floor surfaces like ceramic, quarry, or porcelain tile, and other commercial grade flooring materials.

Turbo Clean

“The Turbo” blasts away dirt and grime without the mess or damage that is associated with older methods of tile and grout cleaning. This new method is so amazing that even we can’t believe how well it works, and we know that you will be pleased with the results you get.

After cleaning, we highly recommend a sealer be applied, to seal your grout from further stains. The sealer acts as a barrier between the grout and any dirt or spills. You can even get creative and have a different color grout sealer applied!

If your grout wasn’t sealed when it was new, it’s a very good idea to have us seal it after cleaning. Beware of the cheap sealers sold in hardware stores, as these are water-based products and DO NOT protect your tile very well.

Sealing your tile and grout helps prevent daily use, spills, and dirt from discoloring your grout. It also helps you to be able to successfully and easily clean up any spill, without it becoming a stain.

Never seal your grout without first cleaning it. Doing this will seal in any dirt and grime that may be present in your grout.

Choosing the correct sealer for grout is important.  Choosing the wrong sealer can be a costly mistake.  SaniCare can give you several options depending on the floor situation and what you want to accomplish.

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